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Some Factors To Consider When Taking Up Vaping

When you have had enough of smoking and decided to take the plunge and use a vaping device to help you quit, there are many factors to consider. You will need to do your homework and look at the various options available as there are many different devices from which you can choose. There are also many choices available regarding the various e-liquids you can use, and there is something to suit all tastes. Below you can find some tips and advice to help you decide on the best type of vaping device for you and other factors you must consider when using vaping to quit smoking cigarettes.

Starting Out

Before you invest lots of your money in a vaping device and all the accessories, you will need to ensure that vaping is suitable for you and that you can stick with it. You can consider buying an affordable starter kit or a single use vape pen from Vapoholic.co.uk, so you can try it and ensure it is something you like doing. Many different starter kits are available with different types of vaping action, and disposable vaping devices are available in various flavours.

The Different Types Of Vaping Action

There are two distinct types of vaping devices you can use when quitting smoking, and these are as follows:

Direct-To-Lung (DTL): A DTL vaping device is popular with many vapers as it has a similar action to smoking a cigarette. You draw on the vaping device and take the vape smoke directly into your lungs, as you would when smoking a cigarette.

Mouth-To-Lung (MTL): An MTL device is slightly different to the one above, but it is still popular with millions of vapers worldwide. You will draw the vape smoke from the vaping device and hold it in your mouth before taking the smoke back into your lungs.

The VG/PG Ratio

The type of vaping device you use will determine the best VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG (propylene glycol) ratio for your e-liquids. Most vaping devices can use e-liquids with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, but if you want to do some cloud chasing and blow massive plumes of vape smoke, you will need to use a higher VG concentration. You will require a vaping device with a sub-ohm coil to do this and enhance your vaping experience as you wish.

The Nicotine Strength

You will also need to choose e-liquids with suitable nicotine strength to help you manage your cravings. There are various strengths available from 0mg up to 20mg+, so plenty of options are available. You can click here to get more information about selecting the correct nicotine strength for your needs to help manage your cravings and prevent you from returning to smoking cigarettes again.

The Best Flavours

There are many different flavours of e-liquids you can choose to use in your vaping device, which can help enhance your experience and ensure it is pleasurable. You will want to use several flavours and rotate them, so the taste remains fresh and crisp, which makes it an enjoyable experience. There is a wide assortment of available flavours with something to suit all tastes and help improve your chances of not returning to smoking again.

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